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Candle Wicks


Different candle types

tapers, dinner candles, household candles, pillars, tealights, votives, filled containers, etc


Different materials

paraffin, stearic acid, beeswax, triglyceride, blends, as well as for all colors and scent variations

Candle Wicks Feature:


Do not have to be tended to during burning. Self-trimming occurs automatically in the hottest zone of the flame.

Can be used in a variety of applications and have high yields (m/kg).

Competitively priced.

Subjected to stringent quality control procedures. State of the art braiding techniques ensure consistent quality.

Available on spools, pre waxed on drums, or as wick assemblies cut to your specified lengths and mounted on sustainers.



Our candle wicks can be customized as per our client's need. We can customize candle wicks in terms of candle type, candle size, wax type, burn time, color, fragrance, packing, etc. We can also customize affixing the client's logo, sticking/printing of the brand message on the packing, etc.


Sample request

If you wish us to send sample wicks to test for your production process - the following questions and answers will assist us in gauging the type and style of wick trial in the first instance.


-   Wax type

-   Size and style of candle, product or container

-   Height and Diameter

-   Type e.g. Tin / Glass / Pillar

-   Color type and %

-   Fragrance and %

-   Required burn time


For more information, please send your inquiry to us.