We take great pride in our consistent quality, reliability and customer service.

We provide a range of candle products and services that can be customized to fit your unique strategy and needs. Our candle covers wide range from white pressed tealights, poured tealights, pressed pillars, rustic pillars, filled container candles, etc. In addition to our core business we offer candle wicks, paraffin waxes, tea light cups, candle machines, etc.

Our expertise and experience guarantees consistently high quality, security, safety and reliability of our products. Our mission is to provide a range of products that remain contemporary and competitive, generating profitable growth that is founded on quality and speed. We assess and fulfill our customers’ needs in alignment with our own internal objectives.

We rapidly develop new products, reduce lead times and provide swift customer service, matching or exceeding that which is expected of us by the market and/or our customers.

We continues today to be outstanding throughout the world as a manufacturer of candles and a resource of candle making supplies.