Our paraffin waxes are produced and controlled according rigorous proprietary and industry standards. Our exceptional manufacturing capabilities assures state-of-the-art supply reliability and consistent quality.


Today most candles are made from paraffin. This is a waxy, odourless, non-toxic substance, which is extracted from mineral oil.
Paraffin represented a major advance in the candlemaking industry, because it burned more cleanly and reliably.


Analyzing ItemsStandardTest ResultTest Method
Melting Point ºC58-6058.1GB/T2539-81
Oil Content Wt%  Max0.50.33GB/T3554
Color, Saybolt  Min+2830GB/T3555
Light Stability  Max44SH/T0404
Penetration (25ºC) 1/10mm Max1914GB/T4985
Viscosity (100ºC) mm2/sAs Report3.85GB/T265
Odor  Max11SH/T0414
Mechanical Impurity and WaterNegativeNegativeSH/T0407
Acid and Alkali with Water SolubilityNegativeNegativeSH/T0407